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A warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. This is one area where unscrupulous contractors take full advantage of customers. For example, they lure customers in with an enticing 1-year, 2-year, 5-year or 10-year warranty, which they have no intention of honoring. Customers can protect themselves by determining if this warranty is factual by checking certain crucial items out.


Does the contractor have an infrastructure to deal with warranty work? Here is what this means. If the company doesn’t have personnel whose only job is to be available to customers to handle questions, complaints, problems, then you can be sure that your warranty is nothing more than an enticement to do business, and you will NOT get the service you think you have bought. Here's why: If the company has been around for a few years it has completed a number of projects. Each one of those projects represents a potential warranty call. The longer a company has been in business, the more projects are done over the years, thus more potential for warranty calls. Warranty calls come in for a variety of reasons. Some may come in not only for genuine leaks, but for all suspected leaks, as well, no matter what the cause; bathroom leaks, air conditioner condensation pans, faulty plumbing vent pipes, cracks in stucco, cracks and holes in walls, water soaking through saturated brickwork, unsealed window sills and ledges, and rusted and unsealed chimney pans, are just some examples of problems that lead to warranty calls. Note that none of the aforementioned examples have anything to do with the installation of siding or windows. However, since water has gotten into the house, they are all potential warranty calls. It is usually the remodeler who gets the call to investigate the source of the problem. And just like the homeowner, the remodeler’s expectation should be that the siding itself is the source of the leak. If he doesn't show up because he is so busy with his current work, or doesn't have a team big enough to handle all the warranty calls, then what good is the warranty? Regardless of the warranty period is. In fact, the longer the warranty period, the less likely the warranty has any meaning.


How long has the company been in business in the same location? Contractors are notorious for changing their company’s name, their location or just closing up and starting again under a new name or new location when the going gets tough. Is the warranty coverage in writing? METRO Home Improvement, Inc. has been serving Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs for nearly 12 years in the same location and has never changed its name. We are easy to find when you need us. We at METRO Home Improvement, Inc. are confident of the quality of our work, and the competence of our crews, and project managers. Therefore, METRO Home Improvement, Inc. is very comfortable offering a Lifetime warranty covering homeowners against defective workmanship. Siding and window manufacturers also provide special warranties that can only be offered by select contractors. And METRO Home Improvement, Inc. is apart of their exclusive factory certification program. To become qualified, we had to pass exams given by various manufacturers; show that we are fully licensed in our state and city; adequately insured for your protection and not deceptively covered under a different company name or a different trade masquerading as another; have a proven reputation of providing quality home improvement services throughout the community; be committed to ongoing professional training; ensure quality installations; and be financially stable with an excellent track record.

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