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"A look at the hidden agendas of insurance adjusters".

Many adjusters are highly trained representatives of insurance companies. Honest, ethical, and very good at what that they do in terms of consistently evaluating storm. Some however, have a hidden agenda. Don't settle for a denied claim, we will help you determine if your claim has merit. Trust a company with a plan. That company is METRO Home Improvement, Inc.

Did the insurance company deny your storm damage claim? OR Not indemnify you properly:
METRO Home Improvement, Inc. is the "Piece of Mind"

Sometimes a denied claim in Georgia is appropriate, and sometimes it's not. A denied storm damage claim in Georgia is a good reason to have a professional Storm Restoration Company that has a system of managing a denied claim, and a specific action plan to honestly and professionally evaluate your individual circumstances for merit. Most storm damage claims that are denied for damages incurred are not properly indemnified, and do not hold merit. METRO Home Improvement, Inc. has a highly trained professional staff that is certified in Storm Damage and the Claims process. We at METRO Home Improvement, Inc. understand the importance of protecting the structural integrity of your home, as well as the value of your home.

We here at METRO Home Improvement, Inc. will professionally evaluate any denied or accepted claim to ensure that you have been indemnified properly and accurately for free. We have 10 point assessment for your Property. We inspect the Roofing, Siding. Gutters, Down Spouts, Gutter protectors, A/C unit, shutters, screens, window/door wraps, Decks/ Fence, and any other areas of concern and generate a damage report with our findings. If we find that your claim has not been properly indemnified we will inform you of that. Most are not.

  • Whether it is an independent adjuster or staff adjuster, their game plan is to close your claim quickly for the least amount of money and still make you feel satisfied. Here is an adjuster's "hidden agenda".
  • Gain the homeowners trust quickly. (Create a false sense of trust and care)
  • Try to inspect and settle the claim, before the homeowner gets a contractors estimate. This is a very important and key element, they know that a legitimate contractor can properly identify storm damage, and they also understand the insurance claims process
  • Avoid agreeing to match the shingles/siding or partially repair the roof or siding.
  • They try not to pay for all venting and roofing system components-a code requirement.
  • Pay to clean or repair items instead of replacing them.
  • Inspect 6 to 7 homes per day. Merely impossible w/o cutting corners. Most adjusters get paid per inspection, and as an independent adjuster the insurance companies choose their own adjusters. The bigger the claims they write the less work the independent adjuster will receive. This creates a biased inspection many times, that is the reason no inspections should be done without a reputable Storm restoration Contractor present upon inspection.
  • Pay the least amount the homeowner is willing to accept. Hoping that you do not secure a properly trained Storm Restoration Company after the estimate who will properly indemnify your claim and request a re-inspect.
  • If the homeowner is not happy, try to compromise on some fronts, avoiding a full payout. Making the homeowner feel as though they are being over compensated, greedy or told they have been paid enough.
  • Use fancy verbiage to confuse or industry lingo to overwhelm the insured with useless details. Homeowners typically do not understand there insurance policy contract, manufacture requirements, county or city laws, permits or the insurance claim process.
  • Will not inform homeowner about ordinance law, which in most cases the adjuster, may not have proper knowledge of ordinance law that usually is included in your insurance policy or they don't have authorization to discuss the coverage.
  • A major problem in properly indemnifying a homeowner for wind damage. Very few adjusters and storm restoration companies understand wind damage. METRO Home Improvement, Inc specializes in hail and wind claims. We have HAAG certified roof inspectors on staff.
Important Information:

If you have already filed a claim and been denied, it is the same claim that can be reopened. This will not result in any additional claims being filed. The insurance company will reopen the same claim if you were denied, and if you the homeowner did not get properly indemnified. We re-inspect your property and they will cover the additional items to indemnify you on the same claim. There also is no additional deductible. This includes all missed items or those that could not be seen.

Greg McManus