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Most homeowners want to renovate and improve their homes at the lowest cost. This often creates problems because it means working with home improvement contractors who do exactly that. So what’s the matter? The contractor who will work for the least amount of money also spends the least amount of time on a job, uses fewer workers and less material (or a lesser grade of material), and provides the least amount of attention to detail.

But afterwards, the homeowners complain when they realize they didn’t get quality workmanship and attentive customer service. It's a no-win situation, mostly because low price and excellent quality, service and products are opposing forces. When you choose to pay the lowest price, you should not expect it to come with high-quality products or top-notch service. Simply put, you get what you pay for. While a renovation might initially be cheaper with a “no frills” home improvement contractor, problems will emerge in time. Then the joy of low cost is overrun with the bitterness of improper installation – complete with damage and inconvenience, as well as the “opportunity” to pay for it all again.

The Question to Ask

What is most important in your remodeling project? Is it a job done professionally and correctly, or one that cuts costs? The low bid on a project is the lowest for a very good reason: it lacks at least one – and sometimes all – of these vital components:

  • Proper tools and equipment
  • Quality products
  • Knowledge of building codes and manufacturers’ specifications
  • Professional skills (factory certified)

All of these are necessary for a successful remodel – but add to the cost. In most cases, that low bid is also missing highly skilled labor, quality control processes or a training department that knows what works and what does not. The low-cost contractor might also lack the manpower to supervise work in progress and to conduct inspections.

It’s starting to get complicated now, isn’t it? You don’t want to tell someone how to run their business – you just need some work done. So why does all this other stuff matter? Because supervised projects prevent installers from rushing, taking short-cuts, or violating industry practices. Workers who are trained, well-paid, supervised, drug tested and background checked – as all METRO Home Improvement workers are – will do a better job, paying attention to detail and taking the time to do it right. And you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that professionals are working on your home.

The METRO Home Advantage

At METRO Home Improvement, we know you want both great quality and low cost. So we do our best to deliver high caliber work at a fair price. We do the job correctly the first time and don't leave out the vital details. Our carpenters are highly trained and skilled. Our project managers provide the supervision, inspection and follow-up to ensure your project is successful – by your standards, as well as ours.

While we do our best to provide competitive rates, know that we’ll never sacrifice safety or quality in order to win a project. Yes, it costs money to have a person supervise the remodeling process. And most contractors don't do it because of the cost, and their fear of losing a contract to a lower bidder. What's more, we have high standards. Our crews work harder and longer for us than their colleagues do for our competitors. In turn, we pay them well to keep them. This investment of manpower, quality and customer service produces a happy client.

“I chose them because they consulted, educated, delivered customer service, conducted themselves professionally and did what they said they would – a company of their word,”  Irene P., Marietta, Ga.

Overall, our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing consultations that detail products and features, as well as the benefits and differences of each. Because each home is different, we take the time to listen and understand your goals, without trying to unload our inventory on you. We will not leave an incorrect condition or problem in place just to be able to give you a lower price. And even if corners were cut to save money and maximize profits (for the builder) when your house was built, we will not cut corners – because you deserve better.

So you probably won’t get the lowest price from METRO Home Improvement. But you will see a project price that provides for the highest quality, most appropriate materials and the installers whose skills match your needs. Why? Because the low-cost alternative usually results in unsatisfied clients, callbacks, projects being done twice (and paid twice), high costs for repairs, substantial home damage, diminished referrals and, ultimately, the crippling of their business. We are convinced we’ll remain successful because of our honest, quality approach and fair prices.

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