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Selecting a remodeler for your home may be one of the most important decisions you will make. The right remodeler can mean the difference between a great home improvement job that beautifies and increases the value of your home, or a disaster requiring the project to be done twice, causing you even more money and anxiety.

How do you protect yourself from the bad contractors out there? By asking the right questions of course! But what are the right questions? Unfortunately, most homeowners generally only ask "How much?" and "How soon?" Although these are valid questions, they are not the most important ones.

We believe every homeowner should ask the following ten questions when selecting a remodeler:

Question #1:
Is my price worthy of quality craftsmanship?

Don't be tempted by the lowest price. You will likely regret this later. A price is usually low for the following reasons:

  1. The contractor is using builder grade products, the lowest grade.
  2. Only the bare minimum will be done- even if you're told that everything will be done.
  3. Time consuming details will not be addressed, as there's no room for it in the price.
  4. Things are going to be left out that you thought would have been included.
  5. The contractor has no investment in the training and supervision of workers; as this costs money and will require a higher price for higher skilled labor.
  6. The laborers are low paid and lack specific skills and training.
Question #2:
Does the contractor have a permanent place of business?

There are plenty of fly by night contractors out there who may not be available when a warranty issue occurs. Many unscrupulous contractors operate out of their truck with nothing more than a cell phone. A contractor with a permanently established place of business is likely to be stable and available when you need them.

Question #3:
Does the contractor have adequate insurance, or license?

Question #4:
How long has the contractor been in business under the business name? Is it registered with the Secretary of State's office? If they don't have an established track record, how do you know they will be around to correct any warranty work you may have?

METRO Home Improvement, Inc. has been in business since 1995, providing clients with high quality siding, windows, shutters, columns, gutters, and gutter protection systems.

Question #5
What warranties are offered? And how long are they offered?

There are product warranties and then there are workmanship warranties. Product warranties are provided by the manufacturer, and protect against defects in the materials. All major manufacturers offer them. Workmanship warranties protect you against incorrect and outdated installation practices. The workmanship warranty is offered only by the remodeler. Note: The manufacturer's warranty is null and void if the remodeler does not install the product according to the manufacturer's installation guidelines.

Question #6
Is the contractor providing enough detailed information about your unique job? Are they educating you about the process? Do they understand your project scope?

Every job is different. Is the remodeler treating your job as a new, unique project, or as a cookie-cutter job similar to everyone else's? Is he or she taking the time to provide you with enough detailed information to answer all of your questions and make you comfortable? Or is he or she avoiding your questions, seemingly trying to hide something?

Question #7
How do they get most of their work?

If it's not from referrals or repeat clients, they may not be proven and haven't earned the trust of the community yet.

Question #8
What professional associations is the remodeler a member of?

Question #9
Does the remodeler offer supervision or Quality Control?

Question #10
Have they been successful in satisfying clients in the area for at least 5 years?

For your protection, take the time to ask these to every contractor you speak with, including us. Also, our sales consultants will be glad to answer any additional questions that you may have.