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Are your wood windows doing their job?

No matter what year your home was built in Atlanta, you might have started noticing problems with your windows. Any chance that they look like this?

Before windows replacement

before replacing wood windows

The most common window issues for homeowners in Georgia are:

  • New construction or ”builder grade” windows built with pine-jointed wood – which can’t last much past the initial closing date of the house
  • Windows painted or stained over raw wood – not primed and painted properly
  • Windows built with finger joint wood – rather than solid wood
  • Old, failing glazing – dried out glazing (window putty) allows water to enter between panes of glass or between seams and eventually causes window panes to fall out
  • Aluminum windows are another type of new construction or "builder grade" window with different issues

As homes age, wood window problems become more visible. And if the home is near a lake, constant moisture and humidity speed the breaking down process.

Windows that aren’t sealed well lead to inefficient heating and ventilation, leaking cooled air during the summer and heated air during the winter months. Some homeowner can’t even open the windows to air out the house because the windows were painted or stained shut. In some cases, the springs or lanyards that open and close the windows simply wear out – a case of inferior products.

See the difference with replacement windows

After windows replacement

after replacing wood windows with vinyl windows

Quality vinyl replacement windows can make a world of difference in your home. Whether you need vinyl windows, picture windows or double-hung windows, vinyl replacement windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 40 percent or more, saving hard-earned money while helping maintain comfortable temperatures year-round.

If you’re one of those homeowners who currently can’t even open your windows, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how being able to do just that can change your appreciation of your home. And upgrades are designed to complement your home’s beauty, so they won’t alter its look.

In addition, replacement windows offer:

  • No maintenance – no painting, staining, etc.
  • Ease of use – tilt in or slide for cleaning, and slide vertically or horizontally for ventilation

About storm windows
At METRO Home Improvement, we’re frequently asked about using storm windows on Georgia homes. Generally, the request comes from natives of the Midwest or Northeast who are used to winters with violent wind storms.

We don’t recommend or install storm windows for several reasons:

  1. We don’t face the same gusty winds and strong storms as those regions of the country, so storm windows simply aren’t necessary.
  2. Storm windows don’t provide energy efficiency for our long, hot summer months. In fact, aluminum storm windows conduct heat where you don’t want it.
  3. They collect bugs and spiders, which creates a different sort of problem.

Burglar bars are sometimes another aesthetic issue for homeowners. These are generally found in neighborhoods that used to have higher crime rates, but have since improved. Removing the burglar bars and installing high quality replacement windows can make a huge impact on a home’s curb appeal. 

Recommended products
METRO Home Improvement recommends only the top-rated replacement windows for our clients, including:

  • Certainteed Windows
  • MI Windows
  • Simonton Windows
  • Alside Windows
  • Composite windows

As you’d expect from METRO Home Improvement, all the windows we install are tested and approved according to the highest standards in the country:

  • American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
  • National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA)
  • Associated Laboratories (ALI)

Of course, you can find less expensive replacement windows than those we recommend.  But don’t be fooled by low-priced windows that don’t perform or provide full value. Some inferior windows will reduce heating and cooling costs by only about 10%. These cheaper products use older technology, have shorter warranties and often don’t even look like wood windows. In addition, the inferior windows often are sold with a gimmick – such as one price per window – to get your interest, then add on charges once they’re in your home.

Replacement windows from METRO Home will reduce your heating and cooling costs by 40% or more. Our manufacturers’ warranties last a lifetime and, while the products we recommend might not be made of wood, we guarantee they’ll resemble solid wood windows from the curb – retaining your architectural design curb appeal.

Metro Home can handle the project
Rather than schlepping home huge cartons from a big-box home improvement store – which might (or might not) fit correctly in your home – METRO Home Improvement can take the hassle and backache out of replacing windows.

Our installers and representatives are factory-trained and certified by the most respected manufacturers in the business. We’ll visit your home, discuss your issues, make recommendations and provide a fair price to meet your needs

We take professional measurements and then finish the job right. All our replacement windows are custom-built, custom-installed and custom-finished on both the interior and exterior of the home – adhering to our high standards of quality, as well as respecting your pride in your home.

So what are you waiting for? With energy savings and your ultimate comfort at hand, contact METRO Home Improvement today to see how we can help.

Greg McManus