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You are probably thinking of adding magnificently beautiful wood to the interior of your precious home. Hard wood care takes a little bit of work, but please do not make the mistake of letting that scare you off from installing that wonderful flooring that you’ve always dreamed of. Likewise, carpet takes care too. Both need to be cleaned. When the time comes that you need to begin thinking about finishing and staining your flooring it will surely be time to take out and then replace the carpet to boot.

To install wood flooring is usually a job that only needs to be performed one time only, unlike replacing carpet every few years. Sure, you may need to rent a sander, refinish, add medallions if you desire, clean it or buy some cleaners, finishes or stains, polish, maybe a stripper for refinishing, but it is certainly no more work than the fun job of vacuuming a carpet constantly, or getting stains out of carpet, or replacing a carpet.

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