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Replacing aluminum windows in your home

If you have aluminum windows in your Atlanta area home, you could benefit from replacing them.

Before aluminum windows replacement

before replacing aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are typically found in two installations:

  • As builder grade (new construction) windows, which are the least expensive a builder can use
  • As storm windows, probably installed to cover the existing windows - a quick fix to an ongoing problem

During the 1970s, aluminum was the least expensive type of window available for new construction. Some builders selected wood for new construction projects, but not often.

The problem with aluminum windows is that aluminum is a very poor insulator, which means these windows conduct a lot of heat and cold. Specifically, they conduct heat into your home in the summer and out of your home in the winter - not exactly energy efficient. Because it heats and cools quickly, aluminum is great in pots and pans for the restaurant industry, but very poor for the housing industry.

When it's time to replace aluminum windows in Atlanta, green, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows can make a big difference:

After aluminum windows replacement

after replacing aluminum windows with vinyl windows

  1. Insulates better than anything else - In fact, vinyl is the No. 1 material insulator.
  2. Reduces maintenance chores - no need to paint or stain, plus you gain the ease of windows that tilt or slide in for cleaning.
  3. Qualifies for tax credit
  4. Lowers heating and cooling costs by 30-40%.
  5. Updates your home's appearance, because vinyl replacement windows are available in white for great curb appeal. And, because vinyl windows won't fade, rot or pit, you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.
  6. Eliminates need for storm windows, which obscure your visibility and detract from your home's appearance.

When it's time to replace your aluminum windows, it's time to talk to METRO Home Improvement. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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