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Roof Insurance Claim for Damage

Do you have a water leak and not know where it is orginating from?

Do you have storm damage (hail or wind) and not know it?

Are you one of the many homeowners with hail or wind storm damage? Here at METRO Home Improvement we are your local Hail Damage Roof Expert!

There are a number of steps involved in order to have a successful outcome.

  1. Inspecting for damage (Damage Report from your Project manager)
  2. Hiring a professional
  3. How do a file a Claim
  4. Understanding the insurance adjustment

This can be a daunting task even more so when your neighbors or relatives add their advice.

Don't be discouraged, because METRO Home Improvement has structured its business to make this process seamless to you "the Homeowner". Why should your bear the burden for all this when you already have a full time job?

At METRO Home Improvement our representatives will assist in handling your claim:

  • We will: assess your damage.
  • Meet with your adjuster
  • Review the adjustment to ensure all items are included
  • Perform all tasks adjusted with quality materials and craftsmanship

As an insurance claims specialist, we work with your insurance company to insure a complete and full assessment of labor and materials. We have handled thousand of claims and know the process to secure a fair settlement that will allow us to return your home too fair market value.

If you have "replacement cost" in your policy-covering damage from hail or wind, then you are entitled to a free inspection and adjustment from your insurance carrier.

Storm damage cannot be detected from a casual visual inspection. There are specific insurance procedures utilized by insurance personnel, as well as professional contractors, to determine claim damage

Upon agreement, we will handle the entire insurance claim process on your behalf.

You are not bound to accept your insurance companies' settlement if it is not fair in relation to components and measurements on your roof and monthly- market conditions.

Why wait Call METRO Home Improvement Today! at: 678-277-9434 to expedite our seamless claim process. Our guarantee is that we will work for the insurance proceeds, not a dollar more or less. Don't wait Call today at: 678-277-9434

Greg McManus